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  dating advice · articles · 13 Signs

Is it Romantic Armageddon, or just Uncomfortable Shoes?
13 Warning Signs You're About To Get Dumped!
By Lisa Daily

  Want to know if your relationship is about to hit the skids?Looking for tell-tale signs that your love will last throughnext week?

Well, look no further. Below you'll find the "Unlucky 13"-13 warning signs you're about to get dumped.

We surveyed a variety of experts to find the most commonwarning signs a person is about to get dumped --includingpsychologists, body language experts, graphologists,private investigators and a divorce attorney. And here's whatwe found:

1. Is it romantic Armageddon, or uncomfortable shoes?

Where the toes point, the heart follows. According to bodylanguage expert Patti Wood, MA, CSP, you should, "look atyour sweetie's feet when you are out with other people."She says, "if they are pointed at you, great." If they'repointed at someone else, your partner may be looking to walk.

2. You're starting to feel like a telemarketer.

Is your sweetie anxious to end phone conversations right away?A person who knows she's going to end the relationship with you,but hasn't done so yet will be itching to get off the phonewith you. If she is talking to you, but not adding anythingto the conversation it's sign she is heading towards thefinish line. She's probably just pacing herself.

3. He's no longer interested in sex, or worse,he has a new bag of tricks and a trapeze with thetags still on it.

A dramatic change in sexual behavior can mean two things:

a) He wants to avoid any situation where she might have toexpress emotion or attachment to you, or

b) He's getting it somewhere else.

4. He avoids talking about the future.

We're not just talking the general, garden-variety aversionthat men have to discussing relationships. We're talkingabout a man who avoids having one of those "we have to talk"talks like it's a shot of the Plague. As for the future,when next Thursday seems like too much of a commitment,it could be because he's trying to extricate himself byWednesday night.

                                          More Warning Signs... : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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