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Getting Him to Notice You
by Lauren Thompson

   Well, it's finally summer and we are all looking for a summer love interest right? Now all you need to know is how to get him to notice you and then it's smooth sailing from there!

60% of you guys said that personality is what makes a person most attractive, so put your best face forward and go out there and get him. But sometimes it can be a little more difficult than that and the game of dating can get confusing. Only 21% of you said that looks is what makes a person most attractive, but we are not saying throw on some sweats and go get him. This process can take time, and if you are sure he may be "The One" you have to plan strategically! Where you go, what you wear and how you act all contribute to the process of reeling in your catch. Some quick and easy ways to get him to notice you are listed right here for you...

Change your hair, while most guys are famous for NOT noticing hair cuts, sometimes a new "do" can strike up a conversation with your crush. Don't do anything drastic, like pink streaks, but a cute new "do" may catch his eye.

Try to cross paths with him as much as possible, find out what bars he goes to, where he works, or maybe even where he works out! But what's important here is that you don't want him to think you are stalker, so act nonchalant. Make it look like an accident when you run into him and try to compose yourself and not throw yourself at him. Seeing someone's face continuously can trigger interest, so passing him in the halls may get you to your goal and if you pass each other everyday it is a must that someone say hello first.

Next, if still on the quest for love, try asking the time, yea, its lame, but hey, it makes you look like you are busy and have somewhere to go, right? There is no need to throw yourself at him, just act natural and confident. Try wearing something fun, if he is an office crush; spice up your work attire. Bright colors are great and especially since it is summer.

Another tip if your crush is in the office, try to jump on the elevator with him, just the two of you in a confined place could get steamy and someone is bound to strike up a conversation. Let him catch you flirting with other guys, show him that you are quite the catch and have other prospects out there. One of the "queens of dating" in my book says that "All I do is pretend I am Samantha from Sex and The City, confident, bold and willing to try anything, and it always seems to work! I approach him and introduce myself, bat my eyelashes, toss my hair and move in for the kill," Jill Miller, a college student said.

Well, see girls, it's all in how you carry yourself. Having good posture is a must. Standing upstraight gives the impression that you are intelligent and confident. Always remember to have your nails painted nicely or not painted at all, if you are meeting your crush for the first time you don't want to shake him hands and for him to see your chipped nails or hang nails!

Eye contact is also part of the meeting frenzy. If you make eye contact with him every once in a while and then look away, it should hopefully trigger him into coming and introducing himself! However, do not stare him down, that can get a little creepy. Look at him and then slowly and carefully look away. It will make him see that you are scanning the place and haven't landed on him yet. Have fun at the game of dating, because it is just a game! But with dating it is more fun to win than lose, right!? : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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