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Dating Doctor      
  dating advice · dating doctor · horrible kisser

Before you tell someone they're a horrible kisser, try this!

   Okay, let's set the scenario. You are dating someone whom flat out, cannot kiss, and even cause you to feel a bit repulsed when you do. Before you inform them that they're a horrible, disgusting, pathetic kisser, thus destroying their self-esteem and ending your relationship in the process, try this strategy:

   Tell your "Kissnificant Other" that you recently heard (or read) about some really intriguing and exciting new kissing techniques and that you want to try them out. Ask them if they would be interested in being your Guinea Pig (what willing, red blooded American with a pulse wouldn't be!) and practice a bit with you. Once they say "yes," use this opportunity to teach them how to kiss the right way (at least in your eyes!). Show them what you like and how you like it. Make sure that you alternate your technique between fast and slow, soft and hard, sensitive and rough, passionate and coy. If you are sensitive and thorough, this will drive them crazy and they will get the picture.

   If they see what you like and it turns them on too, maybe you can make them a better kisser before having to tell them to kiss off. If they become overcome with excitement and slip back into their in-aficionado patterns, simply say, "No, no, no... I am the teacher today and you are the student. Now sit back, relax, learn and enjoy!" If you are both lucky, one of you might want to play Principal later! : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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