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Advice from TV's Dr. Drew      
 advice · dr. drew

   When it comes to problems these days, Dr. Drew is the resident know it all! Everybody is familiar with the MTV show Loveline, right? It's onlyone of the defining shows of our generation!

   And since everybody knows that DatingFun is the #1 resource for all your datingneeds, it only makes sense then that WE
would be the ones to bringDr. Drew to you. So, we've paired up to bring you the answers to all your dating worries. Below, the gooddoctor answers some of your most pressing questions...

First Relationship Mistakes
I slept with my best friends man!
Why do I get strung along?
Do drugs affect the pill?
Do you always bleed the first time?
Do teen relationships last?
Do I have to tell my parents I use the pill?

Pick up some of these books by Dr. Drew:
The Dr. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Love
Cracked : Running Rescue Missions for the Disconnected & Brokenhearted
Restoring Intimacy

For more questions, go to

More Dating Advice : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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