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Stay In Bed      
  dating advice · lessons · in bed

It's Saturday afternoon, the birds are chirping and there's not a cloud in the sky. Feel like you shouldbe outside being productive? Don't be! Here are ten reasons to stay in bed on a sunny day...

·Pamper each other. Spend the day giving each other manicures, pedicures and massages. Remember, pampering isn't just for girls!
·Test your taste buds. Whether you blind fold eachother or not is your decision, but find some delectable treats and feed them to eachother. Think edible body paint?
·Get a close shave. It's the ulitmate level of trust... groom eachother's hard-to-reach spots, just be careful!
·Play with color. While you're down there, might as well try some temporary hair dye in an out of this color, for your area "down there."
·Get into sports. He wants to watch football? Only if he consents to a wager: Every time your team scores, he pleasures you and vice versa. You won't be watching for long!
·Do everything but "It." Try as you may and remember the days before sex. Kiss, touch, grind, do whatever you want, but "It!"
·It's a scanvenger hunt! Come up with a list of sexy and steamy items to hide around the house. Your partner must find them and what they choose to do with them depends on just how steamy the items are!
·Count your lucky stars. Remember the glow in the dark stars from when you were young? Well, rather then putting them on your ceiling, draw a constellation on your body. Turn the lights down and you're ready to be studied.
·Actually stay in bed. Sounds simple, huh? Then do it, stay in bed and play all day. We promise you won't regret it.

What are your reasons for staying in bed on a sunny day? Tried out any of our advice? We wanna hear your stories... Email us and let us knowyour secrets!

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