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It's the Little Things      
  dating advice · things

   Sure we all notice when our boyfriend brings us flowers or our girlfriendcooks us breakfeast in bed... those are the obvious ways to win over your lover. But whatabout the little things? Those tiny tokens of affection that make such a difference andcan sometimes mean more than 12 million red roses! Here are some ideas to keep theromance alive in your relationship...

Have Him Eating Out of Your Hand
Want to rev up his engines at your next meal? Skip silverware next time you cook (or get takeout!) and prepare lots of finger foods (think quesadillas, egg rolls, sushi, etc.) For desert, try chocolate fondue and fruit, perfect for dishing into each other's mouths.
Play XXX-treme Games
If the weather is keeping you in, why not pull out an old board game and add a little randiness to the rules? Try Trivial Pursuit- instead of winning a pie piece you request the opponent surrender an item of clothing. Scrabble? Spell out only seductive words...
Heavenly Hotspot
Remember the days of high school when you would sneak away to your "spot?" Well, spark some old school style and pick a super romantic make-out place to visit. Whether it's Lookout Point or behind the stadium, you'll add a little spice to your usual routine.
Share Some Sexy Storytelling
Take pillow talk to the next level by reciting passages from an X-rate book. "Men are hardwired to respond sexually to a woman's voice," says Deborah Blum, author of Sex on the Brain. She adds if you read the lines softly, slowly, and throaty, he'll get so turned on, you two may never sleep.

Information from Cosmopolitan Magazine : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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