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'Tis the Season      
  dating advice · seasons

   Everyone knows about summer flings and the holiday hook-ups but what aboutthe other seasons? Here are some tips on meeting a mate, whatever season it may be!

    5 Naughty Ways to Start 2003
    • Wallow in a weekly gluttonfest. Go ahead and indulge yourself with whatever you want once a week. Wary about chowing down? Remember, guys like a little meat on the bones!
    • Flirt up a storm. Forget demure, next time a cutie catches your eye, keep looking at him until he looks away. Or be bold and approach him!
    • Pick up a sexy new habit. Instead of giving something up, why not add a move to your skills?
    • Start being selfish. If your romance is going nowhere, don't be negative or place blame. Be the mature one and delicately part ways because your time is too precious to waste.
    • Put some va-voom in your walk. Turn heads next time you walk by a table of guys. Stand up straight and walk with your stomach in and shoulders back to exude confidence and look bustier.

    5 Ways to Score an Guy in July
    • Dab on a flirty scent. Encourage him to clean in closer with a fresh, light, new scent. Try Jo Malone's French Lime Blossom.
    • Get physical. Flaunt your athletic side and watch men drool. Prove you're not a girly girl and challenge the boys to a beach volleyball match or touch football.
    • Eat ice cream sexily. Ice cream seems to equal instant sexual attraction. Make sure you look him in the eye as you roll your tongue around.
    • Build a killer sand sculpture. Think big if you want to grab his attention and make your creation mind-blowing. Get the girls to help you model an alligator, shark, or maybe even him!
    • Show some shoulder. Men seem to melt when they see the collarbone zone, so feel free to bare it all in an alluring top.

    5 Frisky Fall Moves to Make
    • Harvest him. Guys' testosterone levels are highest in early fall so grab your man and head outdoors. Watch the leaves change, enjoy a picnic, whatever floats your boat!
    • Diva-fy your disguise. Got a Halloween party to go to? Blow everyone else out of the water and go as Lara Croft, Rita Hayworth or one of the Sex in the City gals. Coupled up already? Try out Bonnie and Clyde or Jane and Tarzan.
    • Spike the cider. Since you're no longer a child, give the traditional stuff a kick with some apple liqueur and bourbon or whiskey.
    • Indulge your inner witch. When hoping to meet a guy, burn a lavender candle, which sets a come-hither atmostphere and spritz on a lavender scent on pulse points.
    • Cuddle up in front of the tube. Wrap yourself and your sweetie under a blanket and settle in for all of fall's new shows.

    4 Ways to Make Your Holidays Hot
    • Give him an early gift. A snowball fight, an unexpected massage or tickets to a new flick. Trust us, Santa will reward you handsomely.
    • Spread very good tidings. Go out with the gals and give everyone a sprig of mistletoe to hang over the heads of those you meet. When you spy a guy you'd like, simply say, "May I Mistletoe you?"
    • Make a lusty wish list. Sit down with your sweetie and come up with all they sexy exploits you plan to undertake from now to New Year's. Think 12 days of fantastic foreplay!
    • Create a seasonal cocktail. Try some adult hot cocoa or a peppermint martini.
Information from Cosmopolitan Magazine

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