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Blood Alcohol Content       1 · 2 · 3
  drinking fun · blood alcohol content · BAC factors

   Like most things, your BAC is a complex collection of various factors. Add in the fact that all people are different in how they react to, well, anything, and you'll see that BAC is not really an exactly science (unless Mr. Friendly makes you breathe into a tube... now THAT'S scientific.)

   That said, there are certain factors to keep in mind that will affect you BAC, and hence how drunk you are and how fast you got that way. We've collected some of the basics below...

   Some factors that affect your BAC:

  • How fast you drink. The faster you drink, the harder your poor liver has to work to keep up... and the alcohol will build up in your system faster.

  • Body Weight. Bigger people have more stuff in them than light people. More blood and water means more diluted alcohol. But big people still get drunk. Oh boy, do they ever.

  • Food in your stomach. Drinking on a full stomach will slow down the alcohol absorbtion into your bloodstream. Empty stomach = hello floor!

  • Type of drinks. Drinks with higher alcohol content (straight liquor / shots) will absorb into your bloodstream quicker than beer. You still get the same amount of booze, it just hits you quicker, which means faster drunk.

  • Type of mixer. Carbonated mixers will speed up the absorbtion of the alcohol and get you drunker quicker. Mixers like water or fruit juice will slow down the process a bit, because they help dilute the alcohol.

  • Drink Temperature. Warm alcohol is absorbed faster by your body, because your body likes warm things.

  • Your Sex. Women's BAC will increase faster than men's, apparently because women have less water and more fat in their bodies (don't kill the messenger)... so alcohol isn't as diluted by their lovely bodies.

· BAC Basics
· Effects on your body : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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