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Things Not to Do When You're Drunk      
  drinking fun · responsibility · don't do

   Everyone likes to have a drink now and then... On some occasions we have a few more drinksthan we probably should and debauchery usually occurs.

Here's a quick rundown of 10 things not to do when you're drunk...
  1. StairMaster
  2. Make a few edits to tomorrow's presentation
  3. Get within dialing distance of a phone when you're armed with your little black book of all your exes numbers
  4. Allow photos of any sort to be taken of you. They will end up on the internet.
  5. Hump onto the bar and show Christina Aguilera how it's really done
  6. Operate heavy machinery, especially karaoke machines
  7. Email your boss to het him know what you really think about all the no talent losers you have to work with
  8. Adopt anything: a puppy, a child, a British accent
  9. Pick up the remote and check out what's for sale on the cable shopping channels
  10. Tweeze your eyebrows

    Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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