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Killer Cocktails      
  drinking fun · killer

   While Red Bull and Vodka may be the coolest drink in your town, it may be causing more danger than anything. Caffeine-and-booze blends are a growing trend across the country and a growing concern after two young, health people died after reportedly consuming this concoction.

Manufacturers of the drinks say there is no connection between their products and the deaths, but doctors are starting to warn their patients. Here's a couple reasons why:
  • Energy drinks usually contain caffeine, a diuretic that speeds fluids through your body, increasing the dehydrating effects from alcohol.

  • Depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine, drinking too many could raise your blood pressure or trigger potentially deadly heart reactions.

  • Caffeine can mask the fatigue that usually signals that you've had too much alcohol, possibly leading you to guzzle beyond a safe cutoff point.

    Information from Cosmopolitan Magazine : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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