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Responsibility Corner      
  drinking fun · responsibility

   We know to many of you, "Responsible Drinking" is an oxymoron. Well, it's time to grow up, junior. Drinking doesn't always have to mean being stupid, sloppy, and annoying... sometimes its just for fun!

   The links below cover various areas of responsible drinking, including information from MADD and AA... so it's time to get serious.

BAC Basics
· Your Blood Alcohol Content and you... what it means, how it gets that way, and what it does to you. Learn it, love it, use it... cause you know Officer Friendly sure will!
MADD Drinking Facts
· Say what you will about them, the Mothers Against Drunk Driving have raised our conciousness about the horrors of drunk driving. Check out some of the facts and stats they've accumulated in their years of struggle.
Alcoholics Anonymous Drinking Quiz
· Take this simple quiz, created by AA, to determine if you may have a problem with drinking. Don't worry, we won't grade you... this is just to get you thinking.

   Got some more responsibility stuff that we don't? Why, send it on in! We don't like when people get hurt when they drink... we just like to watch them make fools of themselves. So help us out! : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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