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Dining Disasters      
  dating guides · etiquette ·dining

   You're finally going to meet the parents! It's a big night so don't screw it up... Or, maybe you've just been invited to a fabulous dinner party where you will meet the mate of your dreams; regardless, here are some major faux pas you want to avoid committing...

Micro-eating: Dissecting a dish to pick out minor ingredients you dislike

Food inspecting: Probing or sniffing a dish before eating it. You're at a dinner party, not a chem lab

Scraping the barrel: Licking your utensil to finish off that last dreamy grab of hollandaise, gravy, or butter

Reaching: Lunging for the salt or a dish that's nowhere near where you're sitting

ESP RSVP: Believing you know your hostess so well, you don't have to inform her that you're unable to attend

Platter pit stopping: Serving yourself first from a dish you were asked to pass

Righteous ride: Pointing out a dinner mate's manners faux pas in front of the whole table

Buffet hoarding: Taking a huge serving of a dish you love or digging for the bits you like best, leaving little for the diners behind you

Scrap sharing: offering the picked-at leftovers on your plate to another diner at the table

Party piggybacking: Asking the hostess if you can bring a date or letting a friend tag along without your invitation specifically reading guest

Condiment abuse: Asking for any sauce or spice that wasn't already placed on the table by the hostess

Kato-ing: Staying long after the other guests have departed : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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