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Table Manners       2·3 »
  dating guides · etiquette · manners

   So you wanna improve your table manners do you? Well, we may not be Emily Post, but we have a good idea of which fork to use when and we're more than happy to pass that information on to you. There are so many rules about proper table manners that you'll drive yourself crazy if you try and learn all of them, so let's just stick to the basics.

Remember: It's not that hard and the more you think about it, the more you'll stress and be likely to make a mistake. So here's Rule #1: For all questions involving etiquette, just use your brain! In other words, if you don't want to look like a fool then don't act like one…

Which leads us into Rule #2: Let your host lead. Pretty simple, huh? Just don't sit at the table until the host does (unless of course they tell you to) and always wait to eat until your host is seated. This goes for everything eating involved: putting your napkin on your plate, serving yourself before everyone is there, etc. Remember, this is the host's party so let them feel special.

Now, with that behind us, let's take a look at the table and figure out what is yours. Well, your plate is in the center, duh! Knives and spoons go to the right (clue: right has five letters as do knife and spoon) and your forks and napkin are on the left (clue: fork has 4 letters as does left). Liquids go to the right and solids go to the left. Here's a diagram for those of you we've already lost:

So now that you know where everything goes, you'd probably like to know how to use it huh? Well, take your napkin and place it in your lap right away when you sit down. You should never leave it on the table.

Here's another tip for ya incase you are the host: Remember that all items should be brought to each diner's right and cleared from each diner's left.

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