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Picking Flowers      
  dating guides · flowers · picking them

  So giving roses just isn't your style, but you still can't show up empty handed. Look through our listof various flowers to find the one that best captures you and your mood.

Flowers are appropriate at any stage of dating. They are a simple gesture to show your appreciation and love for the person you are dating.

Here are some of the most popular flowers to give: Callalily- Beauty
Daffodil- Regard, Unrequited Love
Daisy- Innocence, Loyal Love
Forget-Me-Not- True Love, Memories
Tulip- Perfect Lover

If you want to get really creative, here's a list of every flower imaginable:

Flowers of Love
Aster- Symbol of Love
Bouquet of Withered Flowers- Rejected Love
Red Chrysanthemum- Love
Yellow Chrysanthemum- Slighted Love
Gardenia- Secret Love
Gloxinia- Love at First Sight
Ivy- Wedded Love, Friendship
Mistletoe- Kiss Me
Myrtle- Love
Orchid- Love, Beauty
Red Tulip- Declaration of Love

Flowers of Hostility
Stripped Carnation- Refusal
Larkspur- Fickleness
Orange Lily- Hatred
Yellow Lily- False
Marigold- Cruelty, Jealousy
Monkhood- Beware
Peony- Shame
Petunia- Resentment

Flowers of Emotion
Amaryllis- Pride
Bluebell- Humility
Camellia- Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck Gift to a Man
Carnation (General)- Fascination
White Carnation- Sweet and Lovely
Chrysanthemum (General)- Friendship, Cheerfulness
Crocus- Cheerfulness
Dandelion- Faithfulness, Happiness
Dead Leaves- Sadness
Garlic- Courage, Strength
Geranium- Stupidity
Grass- Submission
Heather- Admiration
Purple Hyacinth- Sorrow
Yellow Hyacinth- Jealousy
Hydrangea- Understanding
Iris- Hope, Wisdom and Valor
Tiger Lily- Wealth, Pride
Lily of the Valley- Sweetness
Primrose- I Can't Live Without You
Snapdragon- Deception
Sweetpea- Goodbye
Violet- Modesty
Magenta Zinnia- Lasting Affection
Mixed Zinnia- Thinking (or in memory) of an absent friend
White Zinnia- Goodness

Flowers of Caution
Begonia- Beware
Bittersweet- Truth
Candytuft- Indifference
White Chrysanthemum- Truth
Oleander- Caution

Various Other Flowers
Azalea- Take care of yourself for me
Cactus- Endurance
Pink Carnation- I'll Never Forget You
Red Carnation- My Heart Aches for You
Cattail- Peace, Prosperity
Fern- Magic, Fascination
Fir- Time
Flax- Domestic Symbol
Gladioli- Give me a break
Holly- Defense, Domestic Happiness
Hyacinth- Games
Blue Hyacinth- Constancy
Red Hyacinth- Play
White Lily- Virginity
Magnolia- Nobility
Narcissus- Egotism
Nasturtium- Conquest
Poppy- Imagination
Yellow Tulip- Sunshine
Scarlet Zinnia- Constancy
Yellow Zinnia- Daily Remembrance

From the Rose Information Bureau

So now that you have learned all about flowers it's time to go buy some for your sweetie. Save yourself some time and effort (as well as sales tax) and order them online. Here are some floriststo get you started...If you're gonna go to all the trouble to give her flowers, make sure she has something to put them inonce you give them to her. Many florists sell vases in conjunction with the arrangement... Or checkout the cool stuff from UncommonGoodsand get a sweet vase there... : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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