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Frat Boy Frank      
  dating guides · gifts · frat boy

   Ready. Set. Chug! Frank is the typical frat guy who likes everything big, loud, and easy. No, really! Frank is still a boy at heart and probably still lives with his best friends in a smaller version of "Animal House." He enjoys drinking, smoking, and anything that's cheap. Sound like your man, even if a bit exaggerated? Then check out these gifts for your frat boy...

BBQ Salt & Pepper Shakers icon
Seasoning the grill is safe when you use these salt and pepper mallets. Two long handles allow you to sprinkle your barbecue without singeing your limbs, and the rosewood-stained hardwood shakers unscrew for use at the picnic table. An "S" and "P" clearly mark the seasonings so there's no confusion. Sold as a set. $20.00
Duct Tape Wallet icon
Keep your cash glued to your hip with the strongest tape on earth. This silvery Super Duct Tape wallet won't lift, peel or get sticky, but it will keep your cards and bills safe whether you're bungee jumping from a bridge or installing plastic sheeting. Reinforced metal holes accommodate a security chain, and the divided billfold, five built-in cardholders and four-page clear plastic insert hold all your necessities. $20.00
Stop for Beer Glasses icon
You won't hesitate to pour yourself another brew in these curvy pilsner glasses. The old-style ads on the front of these glasses reinforce your urges: "Our Beer Must Be Good," "Good Beer, Tasty Sandwiches," "Stop here for the Best Beer in Town" and, of course, "Beer Is Good For You." Drink up. $45.00
Simpsons Pinball Party icon
"Welcome to, uh, Springfield." Arcade-quality pinball machine features characters and animation from television's longest-running sitcom, "The Simpsons." Eight action-packed play modes are all inspired by classic Simpson's episodes. More than twenty Simpson's characters spout hilarious quips. Five-flipper playfield features a giant Homer head; Itchy & Scratchy; Daredevil Bart; Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; the Comic Book Guy; and more! $4,995.00
Votivo Candles icon
Freshen the air with the sweet scent of these delicous candles. Choose soft red currant, sweet honeysuckle, citrus mandarine or crisp Bradford cucumber for a fantastic scent that'll rival the real thing. Each candle burns more than 50 hours and wears a metal pendant on a natural twine chain that makes it a charming house warming gift. Made in the U.S.A.
Stainless Pocket Flask icon
Here's a great way to stay warm during winter campouts and football games. Drop a little of your favorite remedy in the flask, tuck it in your pocket or bag, and savor a sip or two. It looks cool too.
BBQ Set icon
This sleek case proves that barbecuing is serious business. No dish is too difficult when you've got this smooth 20-piece set, which includes a versatile spatula, fork, knife, corn-on-the-cob holders, extra long skewers, tongs and a sturdy brush. The set is contained in a stylish silver briefcase ready for the road and perfect for storage. Brush comes with two extra heads.
Circle Kabob Set icon
Why should your marinade be the only part of the kabob with personality? This shapely kabob set runs circles around the average, stick-straight skewer. One end of these stainless steel skewers is sharp for piling on the kabob ingredients, the other end curves into an attractive coiled handle. Load these skewers up with colorful summer vegetables or whatever suits your palate. Great gift for dad, your favorite chef or for the owner of that amazing beach house you're visiting this weekend. Sold as set of four. Featured in Cooking Light.
License Plate CD Holder icon
This handmade CD wallet is road-tested and Big Apple approved. Made from a real New York State license plate, this 20-disc wallet is the perfect accessory to any car. It snaps closed so it's ready for any road trip and makes a great gift for current residents and New Yorkers-at-heart. Made in Pennsylvania.
Kama Sutra Bedside Box icon
Keep these tools of a lover's trade within reach at your bedside and lift the lid to unleash your arsenal of pleasure. Bedside portions of nighttime favorites are tucked into this elegant glass and wood boudoir box adorned with a flourish of antiqued gold. Just right for keeping easily within reach on a nightstand, this keepsake treasure includes sweet edible Honey Dust powder (with feather tickler), light and luscious Vanilla Massage Cream, spicy, tingly Original Oil of Love, and lubricating Love Liquid. Made in the U.S.A.
Laundry Bag icon
Don't even think about throwing those pants on the floor! Here's a tidy and witty way to remind yourself, the kids, your roommates, or your hubby not to air any dirty laundry. Made of durable cotton with a drawstring cord so you can toss it in with the rest of the wash. Machine wash without bleach.

   Don't see anything that would fit your man? Why not check out what the Playboy Store has to offer and we're sure you'll find something to make him smile!

   Also, RealBeer.com has great gift ideas for the true beer enthusiast!

   Looking for some new tunes? Check out The Sony Music Store!

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