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Gift Guide for Guys      
  dating guides · gifts · guy

   Need something special for that man in your life? Well, no matter if he's the fratboy or the business suit type, we've got something for him.

CD Slicer icon
Save your energy for the dance floor and bust just a tiny move with this clever CD opener. Made of brushed pewter, it conceals a tiny blade that will cut right through the pesky plastic wrap and stubborn sticky label that stands between you and the music you love to hear. $28.00
BBQ Salt & Pepper Shakers icon
Seasoning the grill is safe when you use these salt and pepper mallets. Two long handles allow you to sprinkle your barbecue without singeing your limbs, and the rosewood-stained hardwood shakers unscrew for use at the picnic table. An "S" and "P" clearly mark the seasonings so there's no confusion. Sold as a set. $20.00
Men's Toiletry Bag icon
You won't lose any style points lugging around your shaving kit in these trendy toiletry bags. With pockets on the outside for easy access to those necessities, these water-resistant toiletry bags hang from a sturdy strap and have ample room for your brush and blade and a whole lot more. Choose from a black-and-white crisscross pattern or a retro vintage motif. Wipe clean with a soapy sponge. Made in the Czech Republic.
Irish Coffee Glass Set icon
Entertaining isn't over just because dinner's done, and this Irish Coffee Set will prove it. Elegant enough for the finest French-pressed coffee and after-dinner drinks, this silver set will dress up any dessert. Each 8-ounce glass slips out of its stainless steel base for easy cleaning, and comes with a matching stainless steel coaster and a spoon that doubles as a straw. The set fits perfectly on the shiny steel platter, so you can serve your coffee in the style of a five-star restaurant. Sorry: wait staff not included. from $45.00
Duct Tape Wallet icon
Keep your cash glued to your hip with the strongest tape on earth. This silvery Super Duct Tape wallet won't lift, peel or get sticky, but it will keep your cards and bills safe whether you're bungee jumping from a bridge or installing plastic sheeting. Reinforced metal holes accommodate a security chain, and the divided billfold, five built-in cardholders and four-page clear plastic insert hold all your necessities. $20.00
Stop for Beer Glasses icon
You won't hesitate to pour yourself another brew in these curvy pilsner glasses. The old-style ads on the front of these glasses reinforce your urges: "Our Beer Must Be Good," "Good Beer, Tasty Sandwiches," "Stop here for the Best Beer in Town" and, of course, "Beer Is Good For You." Drink up. $45.00
Blueprint Pen & Card Case icon
Finally: a formula for success. Underline your accessories with this blueprint pen and matching business card case from designer Constantin Boym. Both are blueprint blue with white architectural scales and symbols that'll impress any professional. The thick pen is perfect for writing stories and signing contracts, and the shiny silver-bottomed card case will have people admiring your business card even before you reveal it. from $27.00
Shark Staple Remover icon
Those sharp teeth are ready and waiting for prey. Prey of staples, that is. Yes, this miniature pewter Jaws is only hungry for staples. The smooth skin fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or your fingertips. Can you believe it? A staple remover has become a really cool desk accessory. You know what you have to do; you've got to feed the shark. Goes with our Shark Bite Stapler. Designed by Jac Zagoory. $44.00
License Plate Map icon
Artist Aaron Foster takes you on a recycling road trip with a one-of-a-kind handmade license plate map of the USA. Each state is represented by an authentic license plate and mounted on a painted, cedar background, with Alaska and Hawaii included on separate boards. Each map is one-of-a-kind. Handmade in California. $3,000.00
Personal Entertainment Center icon
New Personal Entertainment Center has it all!! DVD; TV; CD; AM/FM; TFT 7-inch LCD; alarm clock; Sound Soother®; aluminum cone stereo speakers. TV has cable-ready built-in digital TV tuner. Programmable CD drive plays CD-R, CD-RW and CD-MP3. Built-in PLL digital tuner has 10 AM and 10 FM presets. Aluminum cone driver technology delivers super-high energy output. $799.95
Casio Digital Camera icon
Casio's® card-size digital camera now has a big 3.2 MP CCD plus 4x digital zoom — only a 1/2-inch thin! Compose and view images on the large 2-inch TFT LCD color monitor with digital interface. The 10 MB flash memory stores up to 111 photos (640 x 480), or a 30-second AVI movie with sound. Instantly choose from 21 preprogrammed Best Shot modes for customized point-and-shoot simplicity. $349.95
Simpsons Pinball Party icon
"Welcome to, uh, Springfield." Arcade-quality pinball machine features characters and animation from television's longest-running sitcom, "The Simpsons." Eight action-packed play modes are all inspired by classic Simpson's episodes. More than twenty Simpson's characters spout hilarious quips. Five-flipper playfield features a giant Homer head; Itchy & Scratchy; Daredevil Bart; Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; the Comic Book Guy; and more! $4,995.00
Bose 3-2-1 Home System icon
Bose® 3.2.1 delivers a surround sound experience from just two speakers! Elegant media center with integrated DVD player and AM/FM tuner plays DVDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs and MP3-CDs. Advanced speaker design and patented signal processing allow two speakers to deliver a performance comparable to a five-speaker surround sound system. Acoustimass® module offers clear, deep bass reproduction without audible distortion. Features amplifiers, an equalizer and three inputs for additional sources. $999.95
121 Piece Tool Set icon
121 drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel tools in a convenient, all-in-one set. Constructed with cushioned non-slip rubber grip handles. Housed in a blow-molded carry case that can be wall-mounted. $59.95
Bronze Sitting Buddha icon
True tranquility comes from within. This fundamental teaching of Buddha is reflected in this image created several centuries ago by an unknown artist in Sukothai, Thailand. Our reproduction in heavy cast bronze captures not only the spirituality of the antique original but also the sheen, patination and texture of this remarkable work of art. Sculpted images like this from the temple city of Sukothai are revered for their graceful proportions and smooth flawless features. Our image of Buddha depicts him seated in a relaxed state of enlightenment with a flame-like protrusion emerging from his head indicating endless radiant spiritual energy. Give this superlative sculpture a place of honor in your home. It will add beauty and serenity wherever you put it. $298.00
Incense Elephant & Carved Box icon
Handmade in India. This soapstone elephant is hand-carved in Agra. Place a cone of incense on its back and fill a room with a fresh, woodsy scent. Twelve incense cones included in varied colors and fragrances. Presented in a handcarved wooden box. $22.00
Doublen Open Arms Wine Rack icon
The ideal gift for the wine connoisseur: bring this inventive wine rack to the host. Crafted in Mexico City from metals polished to a shiny finish. Display six prized bottles creatively. Funky and fun, a little bit triumphant, and totally whimsical-- functionally update any space. Minimalist, modern design, individually cast in sand using a handcarved original design. Polished by a skilled artisan to a brilliant sheen. Elegant in any setting: outside at a garden party, inside as a permanent fixture on the buffet table. Lightweight, tarnish-resistant. $45.00 - $98.00
Recycled Foam Door Mat icon
These chunky, funky doormats are made from the squishy foam of flip flops. Bright soles are wired together in a most endearing, inventive style. This is a simple statement of hospitality and the perfect housewarming gift. Place inside or outside. Patterns vary. Let us choose one for you. $20.00 - $40.00
Zen Stone Garden icon
Whether analyzing reports at work or paying bills at home, you can bring a little balance to your soul with the practice of Karesansui, or dry gardens. A centuries-old Japanese tradition meant for introducing quiet contemplation and meditation into your daily life, this garden is perfect for an end table or an office corner for a stolen moment of peaceful reflection. Arrange the stones in a pleasing pattern and rake the sand slowly for instant tranquillity.
Reed Diffuser icon
Here's a subtle and savvvy way to scent a room. The elegant reeds soak up fragrant lemon verbena oil from the decorative glass decanter and allow it to evaporate slowly and naturally. No matches, no batteries, no artificial fresheners — just light, clean scent. The infuser comes with one bottle of refresher oil and 15 reeds, and is great for home or office use. Extra refresher oil sold separately.from
Silver Platter icon
Martinis need twists and Hefeweizen needs lemon, but don't just offer the extras on any old plate. Carry your condiments on this elegant silver twist platter. The long resin bowl is divided into three sections so your sides don't get mixed up and is perfect for keeping your bar organized or offering snacks to guests.
Retro Martini Glasses icon
Ring in any event with this set of four retro martini glasses featuring characters and catchphrases from vintage barroom advertisements. In green, baby blue, pink and yellow, each glass brings a bit of class from the past, from "Cocktail Hour: Where Smart People Meet" and "The Most Popular Spot in Town!" to "For Drinks For Fun" and "Cheerio! We Keep You In Good Spirits." For added style, each thick glass has a ring of its own color on the bottom. Made in the USA.
Votivo Candles icon
Freshen the air with the sweet scent of these delicous candles. Choose soft red currant, sweet honeysuckle, citrus mandarine or crisp Bradford cucumber for a fantastic scent that'll rival the real thing. Each candle burns more than 50 hours and wears a metal pendant on a natural twine chain that makes it a charming house warming gift. Made in the U.S.A.
Chakra Keyring icon
It's cute, it's recycled, it fits in your pocket; it's just what you need to keep track of your keys. The bits of rainbow colored glass are recycled and the new subdued translucence is pretty cool, isn't it? Forget your boring old key chain and give a little gift to those familiar friends who open the locks to everything you own. Since they keep watch over your house, don't you think you owe them a bright and happy home too? Not to mention, you're gonna love it!
Men's Box Bracelet icon
Balance those wrists with a bold bracelet won't cramp his style. The flexible metal box chain fits snug and blends in with any outfit, and the classy but casual style complements any wristwatch.
Stainless Pocket Flask icon
Here's a great way to stay warm during winter campouts and football games. Drop a little of your favorite remedy in the flask, tuck it in your pocket or bag, and savor a sip or two. It looks cool too.
Winerd icon
Pop the top of this game and get drunk on knowledge. This tasty trivia game gets your favorite wine involved in the fun: Using at least three bottles of similar wine, you'll test your knowledge of fermented grapes by answering the most trivia questions and passing the most blind taste tests wins. For everyone from experts to novices, this game only gets better with age. Includes game board, 300 trivia questions, 12 challenge cards, four game pieces (that can be swapped for corks) and a blind taste test notepad.
BBQ Set icon
This sleek case proves that barbecuing is serious business. No dish is too difficult when you've got this smooth 20-piece set, which includes a versatile spatula, fork, knife, corn-on-the-cob holders, extra long skewers, tongs and a sturdy brush. The set is contained in a stylish silver briefcase ready for the road and perfect for storage. Brush comes with two extra heads.
Circle Kabob Set icon
Why should your marinade be the only part of the kabob with personality? This shapely kabob set runs circles around the average, stick-straight skewer. One end of these stainless steel skewers is sharp for piling on the kabob ingredients, the other end curves into an attractive coiled handle. Load these skewers up with colorful summer vegetables or whatever suits your palate. Great gift for dad, your favorite chef or for the owner of that amazing beach house you're visiting this weekend. Sold as set of four. Featured in Cooking Light.
Elvis Tape Dispenser icon
Let The King patch things up. This abstract depiction of the gyrating superstar is the perfect tape dispenser for any Elvis lover. Holding a standard roll of tape (included), Elvis cuts you off a hunka-hunk of adhesive that'll keep any tear or rip from coming apart.
Metal Party Trays icon
These stylish sets of hors d'oeuvre servers will take your appetizers to the next level. Load the glass condiment trays with your favorite sides and slip them into their powder coated perforated steel tray. The matching chip and dip set, meanwhile, marries the two ingredients with a glass dip bowl that fits right into the chip basket. Baskets have maple handles.
License Plate CD Holder icon
This handmade CD wallet is road-tested and Big Apple approved. Made from a real New York State license plate, this 20-disc wallet is the perfect accessory to any car. It snaps closed so it's ready for any road trip and makes a great gift for current residents and New Yorkers-at-heart. Made in Pennsylvania.
Kama Sutra Bedside Box icon
Keep these tools of a lover's trade within reach at your bedside and lift the lid to unleash your arsenal of pleasure. Bedside portions of nighttime favorites are tucked into this elegant glass and wood boudoir box adorned with a flourish of antiqued gold. Just right for keeping easily within reach on a nightstand, this keepsake treasure includes sweet edible Honey Dust powder (with feather tickler), light and luscious Vanilla Massage Cream, spicy, tingly Original Oil of Love, and lubricating Love Liquid. Made in the U.S.A.
Take Out Lamp icon
You've finally found a box of take-out that won't go bad when you leave it lying around. This humorous little lamp is made of coated paper that looks just like a box of last night's leftovers. Complete with a wire handle and decorative chopsticks protruding from the box, this lamp glows red when you flip its switch. No MSG added.
Record Coasters icon
Made of labels cut from the center of classic vinyl records, these hi-fi home furnishings will be a hit with any music lover. Discs are sealed so moisture won't seep through to the surface. Comes in a set of six assorted labels packed in a clear, round case. Made in Brooklyn.
Golf Tools icon
Inspire your drives and focus your putts with these inspirational divot tools. Perfect pocket gear for replacing those errant chunks of sod, these multi-tools also contain inspirational ball markers that unsnap for use on the green. Heed the markers' messages — 'Drive for show putt for dough' or 'Grip it and rip it' — and your game will follow. Sold separately. Made in the USA.
Laundry Bag icon
Don't even think about throwing those pants on the floor! Here's a tidy and witty way to remind yourself, the kids, your roommates, or your hubby not to air any dirty laundry. Made of durable cotton with a drawstring cord so you can toss it in with the rest of the wash. Machine wash without bleach.
Sony Universal Remote icon
Take charge of up to 18 devices with Sony’s New RM-AV3000 Universal Remote Commander®. Updated codes and the latest in learning functionality place the command of virtually all major brands of A/V and infrared accessible non A/V equipment at your fingertips. The large touch-key LCD screen enables you to create labels for keys in the dot-matrix area, and a single keystroke can be programmed to initiate a series of up to 32 consecutive operations. Also featuring a Clock and Timer function that automatically turns components on and off , this powerful tool redefines the concept of “being in control.”
XM Satellite Radio Reciever icon
This state-of-the-art SKYFi receiver gives you access to XM Satellite Radio's 100+ channels of music, news, sports and entertainment in your car or at home. With the use of one of the required accessory kits, you will be able listen to XMs crystal-clear, digital radio programming nation-wide (subscription required). No more searching for radio stations across the dial or listening to annoying static ever again! The receivers advanced 5-line display even shows you the channel name and number, artist name and song title. And you can even preview upcoming song titles and artists so you know what?s coming up next.
Palm Tungsten E icon
The sleek and powerful Palm Tungsten E handheld comes packed for business and priced for value. Access your calendar, contacts and important information anywhere. Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint-compatible files on the run. Synchronize with Outlook's calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email right out of the box. Stay productive using updated features to Palm's award winning organization software. Listen to MP3s, watch video clips and view photos wherever you go.
James Bond 007 Box Set icon
Contains: From Russia with Love, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, World is Not Enough, Living Daylights
Samsung Camcorder icon
Samsung's compact, user-friendly digital camcorders offer an array of advanced video and audio features. Compact in size and easy to operate Samsung camcorders provide a top quality video image that is virtually unaffected by hand movements during recording. For quality, performance and reliability Samsung camcorders have no peers. The SC-D23 Mini-DV features electronic image stabilization, 2.5-Inch TFT active-matrix monitor, 400:1 variable speed digital power zoom and nite pix.
Logitech Wireless Keyboard icon
Logitech's taken its best keyboard/mouse combination and made it even better. How? By combining the award-winning Logitech MX 700 cordless optical mouse with stylish, ultra-flat cordless keyboard. Control music and videos from convenient keyboard buttons. Or take advantage of the extra function keys for smarter navigation through applications, files, web sites, and more. And enjoy the maintenance-free precision and convenience of the rechargeable cordless mouse.
Earthlink Mailstation icon
Thanks to the MailStation from EarthLink, using email is now as easy as making a phone call. The new MailStation 250 model operates on the same 900-megahertz frequency as advanced cordless telephones. Simply plug the base station into a phone jack and turn on the MailStation 250. Just like that, you can send and receive email from anywhere in your home.

   If none of these gifts grab your fancy, then go check out Uncommon Goods for some fun and funky finds.

   If he's super hard to shop for, check out Sharper Image for cool and interesting presents.

   For a limited time, first time buyers save 15% off of your next order at SpencerGifts.com!

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