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Kookie Kathy      
  dating guides · gifts · kookie

   Some would call her a hippie at heart while others would call her cultured. Kathy likes going to museums, plays, anything where she can learn and see art in person. Her house may never be spotless, but it is filled with love and every object has serious meaning. She entertains with style and is passionate about everything she does. Everyone feels like they have been Kathy's best friend for life. Sound like your gal, even if a bit exaggerated? Then check out these kookie items...

Vintage Bakelite Bracelet icon
No one will accuse you of playing games when you add the bakelite mah jongg bracelet to your collection. Andy Warhol loved Bakelite. Diana Vreeland spoke of its versatility. Wealthy, depression-era socialites wore it when they could no longer afford diamonds. Patented in 1910, bakelite is valued by collectors for its rare beauty, unique shapes and distinctive colors. In our version, the bright resin tiles are held together by elastic, so fashion and comfort travel hand in hand. The bracelets are accented by red beads or black beads. Sold separately. $60.00
Yoga Girl Totes icon
Carry that Zen state out of yoga class in these fun and versatile canvas bags. With a "Yoga Girl" in lotus position stitched on the front, the large tote has two reinforced handles that can be carried or slung over your shoulder, a blue and white cloth interior with a zippered pocket and a single snap to keep your karmic belongings inside. The matching case comes with a mesh shower sponge, an emery board and plastic travel containers for your soap, lotion and toothbrush. from $30.00
Irish Coffee Glass Set icon
Entertaining isn't over just because dinner's done, and this Irish Coffee Set will prove it. Elegant enough for the finest French-pressed coffee and after-dinner drinks, this silver set will dress up any dessert. Each 8-ounce glass slips out of its stainless steel base for easy cleaning, and comes with a matching stainless steel coaster and a spoon that doubles as a straw. The set fits perfectly on the shiny steel platter, so you can serve your coffee in the style of a five-star restaurant. Sorry: wait staff not included. from $45.00
License Plate Map icon
Artist Aaron Foster takes you on a recycling road trip with a one-of-a-kind handmade license plate map of the USA. Each state is represented by an authentic license plate and mounted on a painted, cedar background, with Alaska and Hawaii included on separate boards. Each map is one-of-a-kind. Handmade in California. $3,000.00
Aromatherapy Gift Set icon
Give priceless gifts of relaxation, balance and inner calm. Our most popular gift set year after year, this boxed set holds six-now in our new aromatherapy scents. Soothing and inspiring, they're all infused with pure natural scents and invitingly soft colors. From Mint bergamot, Ylang Ylang Neroli and Lavender to Patchouli Cedarwood, Ginger Eucalyptus and Lemongrass, these candles offer the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy-which can be appreciated in every season. 2X3 Aromatherapy Gift Set Burns 25 hours each Set of 6. $40.00
Tin of Kisses icon
This tiny little tin contains 12 highly scented Cinnamon tealights. Each candle has a glass lid and can be closed and re-used. $10.00
Bronze Sitting Buddha icon
True tranquility comes from within. This fundamental teaching of Buddha is reflected in this image created several centuries ago by an unknown artist in Sukothai, Thailand. Our reproduction in heavy cast bronze captures not only the spirituality of the antique original but also the sheen, patination and texture of this remarkable work of art. Sculpted images like this from the temple city of Sukothai are revered for their graceful proportions and smooth flawless features. Our image of Buddha depicts him seated in a relaxed state of enlightenment with a flame-like protrusion emerging from his head indicating endless radiant spiritual energy. Give this superlative sculpture a place of honor in your home. It will add beauty and serenity wherever you put it. $298.00
Incense Elephant & Carved Box icon
Handmade in India. This soapstone elephant is hand-carved in Agra. Place a cone of incense on its back and fill a room with a fresh, woodsy scent. Twelve incense cones included in varied colors and fragrances. Presented in a handcarved wooden box. $22.00
Garnet Spinning Rings icon
Handmade in Indonesia. This ring is made for meditation. It's a "revolution ring," and the garnets spin around a sterling base, allowing the wearer to "spin worries away." Skilled silversmiths in Bali cut the shape from a sterling sheet, hand-set each stone and make them spin. Designer Cynthia Gale studied design in New York, worked in fashion and launched a modeling career. One modeling assignment took her to Jakarta. Cynthia was enamored with Indonesia. She guaranteed her return to the exquisite country by starting Geo Art, a collection of accessories that is inspired by both New York urban life and the Far East. Skilled silversmiths in Indonesia handcraft each piece in Cynthia's collection. Cynthia spends summers in Indonesia with her husband and children. $38.00
Recycled Foam Door Mat icon
These chunky, funky doormats are made from the squishy foam of flip flops. Bright soles are wired together in a most endearing, inventive style. This is a simple statement of hospitality and the perfect housewarming gift. Place inside or outside. Patterns vary. Let us choose one for you. $20.00 - $40.00
Reed Diffuser icon
Here's a subtle and savvvy way to scent a room. The elegant reeds soak up fragrant lemon verbena oil from the decorative glass decanter and allow it to evaporate slowly and naturally. No matches, no batteries, no artificial fresheners — just light, clean scent. The infuser comes with one bottle of refresher oil and 15 reeds, and is great for home or office use. Extra refresher oil sold separately.from
Words in Stone icon
Enrich your garden with customized cobblestones that will add phrases to your flowers. These literary labels easily add elegant stone accents to any flower bed. The simple kit allows you to create cobblestones with any word or phrase and includes 1.5" press-in letters, three pounds of concrete for the first stone, five 3.5" stone forms, a trowel for designing and instructions. Additional concrete required for more stones.
Twin Travel Journals icon
Keep your stories straight with these matching journals in a handmade box. With 48 unlined pages of Himilayan lotka paper made from the Daphne Cannabina bush, these environmentally friendly journals fit snugly into a sleeve inside their sage box, which is secured by a string tie that wraps around a natural wood button. Perfect for a pocket or purse should your story turn into travel writing, these cranberry and periwinkle journals can be used for collaboration, but they're so perfect for penning, you might just want to keep them all to yourself.
Votivo Candles icon
Freshen the air with the sweet scent of these delicous candles. Choose soft red currant, sweet honeysuckle, citrus mandarine or crisp Bradford cucumber for a fantastic scent that'll rival the real thing. Each candle burns more than 50 hours and wears a metal pendant on a natural twine chain that makes it a charming house warming gift. Made in the U.S.A.
Chakra Keyring icon
It's cute, it's recycled, it fits in your pocket; it's just what you need to keep track of your keys. The bits of rainbow colored glass are recycled and the new subdued translucence is pretty cool, isn't it? Forget your boring old key chain and give a little gift to those familiar friends who open the locks to everything you own. Since they keep watch over your house, don't you think you owe them a bright and happy home too? Not to mention, you're gonna love it!
License Plate CD Holder icon
This handmade CD wallet is road-tested and Big Apple approved. Made from a real New York State license plate, this 20-disc wallet is the perfect accessory to any car. It snaps closed so it's ready for any road trip and makes a great gift for current residents and New Yorkers-at-heart. Made in Pennsylvania.
Kama Sutra Bedside Box icon
Keep these tools of a lover's trade within reach at your bedside and lift the lid to unleash your arsenal of pleasure. Bedside portions of nighttime favorites are tucked into this elegant glass and wood boudoir box adorned with a flourish of antiqued gold. Just right for keeping easily within reach on a nightstand, this keepsake treasure includes sweet edible Honey Dust powder (with feather tickler), light and luscious Vanilla Massage Cream, spicy, tingly Original Oil of Love, and lubricating Love Liquid. Made in the U.S.A.
Take Out Lamp icon
You've finally found a box of take-out that won't go bad when you leave it lying around. This humorous little lamp is made of coated paper that looks just like a box of last night's leftovers. Complete with a wire handle and decorative chopsticks protruding from the box, this lamp glows red when you flip its switch. No MSG added.
Be Mine Necklace icon
Candy hearts are cute, but this sterling silver symbol will truly tell her how you feel. Hanging from a smooth silver snake chain, this sterling pendant asks someone special: Be Mine? Great as a gift or for keeping to yourself until you find that someone special. Designed by Anne and Jane Harvey, and made in Mexico.

   Do you enjoy having soft sexy skin? Then L'Occitane has the perfect gift for you and your girl!

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