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Hangover Help      
  dating guides · hangovers

Beer before liquor...never sicker
Liquor before beer...never fear!

We're all familiar with this famous mantra; remember back to your high school kegger days and it was the first thing learned. And, believe it or not, something you learned in high school is still true today. Follow this simple rhyme and while we can't guarantee you will be hangover-free, we promise you'll be a little better off.

The Technical Stuff
Hangovers are a result of dehydration of the body and a poisoning of the system. The alcohol is digested and absorbed into the blood stream causing the whole body to feel intoxicated.

Ever wonder why drinking on a full stomach doesn't give you the same effect as drinking on an empty one? When the stomach is full, alcohol begins its digestion in the stomach rather than in the small intestine, thus causing a lower absorbtion into the blood.

We all know the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink, but like that is really gonna happen! So, instead drink light-colored liquors. Toxic chemicals, called congeners, are created in alcohol through the fermentation process. The darker the alcohol, the more congeners, and the more congeners, the bigger the hangover.

Some interesting facts:
Gin and vodka have relatively few congeners.
Brandy, rum and scotch have 6 times the congeners as gin.
Bourbon has 8 times the congeners of gin and 30 times that of vodka.

So in laymans terms, drink bourbon and you will get 30 times the headache you would've had, had you drank vodka.

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