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Guide to Ice Breakers      
  dating guides · ice breakers

   So there is the hottie of your dreams... Just sitting over therewith no one to talk to... it's not like you're going to approach them! Aucontraire! Check out these tiny tidbits and next time instead of being strapped for conversation, you'll be the most interesting person in the room!

   California has surf, sand, and... generous men. According to a Yahoo Personals survey, singles on the West Coast are most likely to shell out $100 or more for a date, while Souther and Eastern dudes spend only $25 to $50.

   Got java? A University of California at San Diego found that female coffee drinkers have more brainpower later in life.

   The new game to play: Shag, Marry, or Throw Off a Cliff. Name three celebs and point to someone, who has to say who they'd shag, marry and throw.

   It's been scientifically confirmed in a British study that about 2 pints of beer or four glasses of wine increase the perceived attractiveness of the opposite sex by about 25%.

   Female elephants flirt with the biggest male elephants they can find becuase supersizers are considered to have better genes.

   Some of the weirdest, most random items people tried to auction off on eBay: rattlesnake meat, a belt buckle with a glass eye, a goat-toenail bracelet, a shark fetus, a photo of a woman's colon from her colonoscopy, and scrotum bags.

   42% of guys would break off an engagement if their fiancée insisted on a hyphenated name.

   A recent study by Stanford University shows that women are more biologically wired to retain strong emotional memories than men are. So that's why guys forget lovers' quarrels so fast!

   Like road rage, there's a new trend called office rage. A study found that 51% of women have nearly punched a colleague.

   Reese Witherspoon's 4.4 carat Tiffany diamond engagement ring in Sweet Home Alabama cost $174,500.

   Male wolves, unlike many guys, cuddle after sex. They have to so no other wolf's sperm has a chance to compete for the female's eggs.

   In a federally funded Northwestern University study, researchers are giving women age 20 to 40 up to $75 to watch skin flicks to determine if their arousal patterns track their sexual orientation.

   People lie about 25% of the time in a social interaction that lasts more than 10 minutes, one study shows. Another expert says people lie three to five times a day.

   Men who nosh on candy one to three times a month live longer than those who aren't sugar lovers, one study found.

   The Greeting Card Association reports that of the almost 1 billion Valentine cards sent annually, 85% of them are from women.

   The Rescue Ring, a phone service offered by Virgin Mobile, calls you on your cell at a designated time and gives you an excuse to bail on a date. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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