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A Girl's Purse      
  dating guides · purse

  Got a hot date and there's now way all your things will fit into that tiny little purse? Well, with only these 5 items, you'll be covered until tomorrow...

Cell Phone
Say you get stuck with a dud date, or worse you get stuck anywhere... with your cell phone by your side, you can save the heels of those brand new Jimmy Choo's!
Credit Card
The least you can do is offer to pay your part, if he's a gentleman chances are he'll shoo your card away, but you better not leave home without it. Plus, if you get stranded somewhere, you'll be the one with the cash to get home.
Breath Mints
Bad breath and a first date don't go together well at all. Prevent killing the chemistry and pop a breath mint in before you lean in.
Smudgeproof Lipstick
Nobody likes lipstick all over their collar, so if you're gonna be smooching be prepared. Plus, with this you can sip cocktails all night and not have to run to the bathroom every five minutes to reapply.
Blotting Papers
We all like to shine, just not on our faces. If you tend to get a little nervous on dates, bring these along and you can take the spotlight off your face and onto your winning personality. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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