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What's Your Dating Style?      
  mingle mania · quizzes · dating style

To take this quiz, answer all the questions below by checking the radio button next to your answer, then click the 'submit' button at the bottom. Your 'Type' will then be revealed!
1) My ideal Friday night is:
A night out with the girls/guys

The new club, kickin' it til dawn

Dominoes and Blockbuster

Romantic dinner for two
2) On a first date I give/expect


Bottle of wine

3) I usually have sex on:
The 1st date

The 3rd date

After 3 months

My wedding night
4) My fantasy date is:
A sports game

A romantic picnic in the park for two

Dinner and cocktails

Clothes on the floor... and your name is?
5) Cheating is:
Always wrong. Always!

Outta state, outta mind

Forgivable, depending on how drunk I was and how hot they were!

Understandable. Forgiven but not forgotten.
6) How many people have you slept with?



More than 11
7) You've been dating for 6 months now
You start talking about moving in together

6 months already? Same person? Is this the last person I'm ever going to sleep with?

Things are going smoothly and its fun to get some on a regular basis!

Dating what for 6 months? My remote control?
8) My relationship most resembles:
Monica and Chandler- She's neurotic and he's quirky

Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts- She's the leading lady with some lovely arm candy

Brad and Jennifer- We're both gorgeous!

Dylan and Kelly- He doesn't know what off the deep end means and she is prom queen
9) My longest relationship has been:
6 weeks

5 or more years

1 1/2 years

6 months
10) I usually meet my mate:
At a bar

At work

Thru friends

Thru my parents
Make sure you've answered all the questions, then click 'Submit'. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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