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Are You a Princess or a Pushover?      
  mingle mania · quizzes · princess or pushover

To take this quiz, answer all the questions below by checking the radio button next to your answer, then click the 'submit' button at the bottom. Your 'Type' will then be revealed!
1) You and your man make plans for dinner. He calls 15 minutes before he's due to cancel. You:
Tell him if he cancels it's no nookie for a week!

That's fine, as long as he comes home with flowers.

Eat a Lean Cuisine. Alone.
2) It's your hottie's birthday...
So?! He can still pay for dinner!

You organize a party for everyone he's ever met

You send HIM flowers.
3) After a gnarly fight, you realize everything is your fault. You:
Fall to your knees and start grovelling immediately.

My fault? Yeah, maybe in another lifetime!

Hold out for a while and then accept your faults with a smile.
4) Your favorite color is:


5) You're getting ready for a big night on the town with the girls. Your favorite outfit is:
Whatever trend today dictates.

Grandma's pearls and your pink cashmere cardigan.

Stillettos and a tight black mini.
6) You find out your best friend is dating your ex.
You demand a choice-- it's the boyfriend or you!

Accept it and then find a new best friend.

Send them an anniversary present.
7) Your sister is getting married next month and you need a date:
You take the pizza deliver guy. Hell, he knows you better than anyone.

The hottie CEO from down the hall. Cousin Martha needs to be "one-upped"

Your boyfriend.
8) Susie Q. gets the promotion you've been working months for:
Hey, it's no big deal. I'll get noticed one day!

Start gossip at the water cooler about how she's sleeping with the boss.

Schedule a meeting with your boss to review your portfolio.
9) It's almost 300° outside and the air condition in your place has gone out. You:
Sit and sweat. Hey, you've got a sexy glow going!

Insist the complex fix it immediately or you stop paying rent.

Trek over to your man's house for the weekend. Sleep overs can be fun...
10) Your boyfriend borrows your car, puts a dent in it and doesn't tell you.
Read him the riot act and demand he pay to fix it.

Unbeknownst to you, a dent shows up on his car.

It's okay. Who really needs both side mirrors?
Make sure you've answered all the questions, then click 'Submit'. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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