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World Sex Laws Quiz      
  mingle mania · quizzes · world sex laws

To take this quiz, answer all the questions below by checking the radio button next to your answer, then click the 'submit' button at the bottom. Your 'Type' will then be revealed!
1) In what country are wives required to wear their dead husband's penis around their neck for a period of mourning?



Ivory Coast
2) Rapists in Nambia can choose either castration or:
Jail time

Being branded

Amputation of the right hand

20 years hard labor
3) Women in Liverpool are only allowed to be topless:
If they work in a tropical fish store

When they are doing housework

If they are strippers

When they sleep
4) In what country is it illegal to seduce a virgin by falsely promising to marry them?



5) Men in Italy may be arrested for wearing:
A skirt

A bra


High heels
6) In Communist China, people are sentenced to death for distributing:


Abortion literature

Ben Wa balls
7) An adulterous Greek male was sometimes punished by removal of his pubic hair and what?

Piercing of the nipples

Bee stings to the penis

The instertion of a large radish in his rectum
8) Until what year could a Victorian woman be sent to prison for denying her husband sex?



9) The ancient Germanic tribe, the Teutons, would punish anyone caught practicing prostitution with what method?
They would suffocate them with excrement

They would suture the vagina shut


Removal of the clitoris
10) In London, it is illegal to have sex:
In a car

On a parked motorcycle


With your eyes shut
Make sure you've answered all the questions, then click 'Submit'. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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