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   People sure are opinionated these days! Here's more pollsthan you could ever dream of... check out what they have to say about dating today...

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  1. Have you ever fooled around with a coworker?

  2. Which movie best describes your last date?

  3. PDA is:

  4. In a life or death situation, would you be willing to give up your life to save your mate?

  5. Which of the following characteristics would most bother you about a partner?

  6. Would you consider forgiving a partner that cheated?

  7. Is it a waste of time to pursue someone playing hard to get?

  8. How often do you raise your voice during a fight with your partner?

  9. Your partner works up the nerve to make a kinky suggestion. How would you react?

  10. Can friends stay close after one of them gets married?

  11. What's your typical sleep attire?

  12. Your favorite movie couple is:

  13. Should unhappy couples stay together for their children's sake?

  14. What's better, a passionate but short lived affair; or a mellow and caring but long-lasting relationship?

  15. What's the hardest part of breaking up?

  16. Did your parents' relationship have a positive or negative impact on how you deal with your own relationships?

  17. Would you rather marry your soulmate or a billonaire?

  18. If your boyfriend wanted you to have a breast enlargment, would you?

  19. How would you feel if your ex dated your best friend?

  20. Would you let your mate take naked pictures of you?

  21. What characteristic would you be willing to overlook in someone you're dating?

  22. Can a one night stand turn into long term love?

  23. Does kissing someone else count as cheating?

  24. Do you discuss past conquests with your current squeeze?

  25. When men on the street whistle at or compliment you, you're: