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Which condoms are the best?      
 sexual healing · condoms ·rating

With all those condoms out there, how are you to know which ones are thebest? Here are ratings on condoms compiled from every source possible.

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Claim: "The closest thing to wearing nothing at all. A thin straight-walled, lightly lubricated, condomthat will deliver maximum comfort and sensitivity."
Overall rating: 9.75
Durex Extra Sensitive
Claim: "Thin is great but super thin is better. With Durex Extra Sensitive Lubricated you get that"better" time after time."
Overall rating: 9
Claim: "This unique shaped condom has two pouches which form a spiral at the head of the penis, whichstimulate the head of the penis where nerve endings are located."
Overall rating: 10
Kimono MicroThin
Claim: "MicroThins are 38% thinner than standard condoms. One of the strongest condomsaround, they conform not only to FDA standards, but to tough international specifications."
Overall rating: 10
Trojan Naturalamb
Claim: "Made from lambskin, the condom is designed to give you that natural feeling."
Overall rating: 8
Trojan Supra
Claim: "Made from a material called Microsheer, the Supra is specially designed for those withlatex allergies. Can be used with oil-based lubricants."
Overall rating: 8.5
Trojan Ultra Pleasure
Claim: "Unique shape allows more headroom, greater friction, and thus more pleasure."
Overall rating: 7.5

Data collected from Jane Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Maxim Magazine and Condom Sense

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