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Methods of Contraception      
  sexual healing · safe sex · contraception ·methods

   Contraception is a very important aspect of sex, whether you want to think it is or not. Unless you are trying to have a baby, remember that you should always use birth control, or just cross your legs and don't have sex until you are ready for baby-making! An important note: birth control is just as important for boys as it is for girls. So while most of these mehtods do focus on female biology, it is essential for males to be just as much in the know.

When it comes to birth control, it can be divided into four different categories:
·Barrier Methods
·Hormonal Methods
·Natural Methods
·Emergency Contraception

A Quick Note: New research shows that women are fertile for more days of the month than we previously thought. Doctors have assumed a woman's fertile days fall in the middle of her cycle- from day 10 to day 17 (day one being the first day of your period).

That belief was based on the assumption that ovulation occurs around day 14. But according to a new study, ovulation can occur later or earlier than that. Researchers found that 70% of the 221 women observed were fertile before or after days 10 and 17. The end result? Don't count any day as safe... always use some form of birth control.

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