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Guy On Top      
 sexual healing · positions 101 ·guy on top

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To The Tilt-- The woman lies on her back, near the edge of the bed. Shespreads her legs, placing one of them on the floor. Facing her, laying ontop of her, the man plunges into woman's vagina with strong thrusts. Oneof his legs is stretched and placed on the floor and the other is folded.With widely spread thighs the woman receives her lover right up to thehilt. The man can explore her to his heart's content - gently with thetotal length of his penis or - which will increase her desire for more -he can insert and retract his penis forcefully.

Froggy-- The girl lies down and the guy enters her from the missionaryposition while the girl slowly drapes her legs over the guys shoulderswhile the guy is still in her. It makes it a lot harder but it's a newexperience for both parties.

Tight Fun-- Have the woman lay on her back and then have the man enter her from the missionaryposition. Then, with the man still inside of her, have the woman slowly put her legs straighttogether underneath the man. The man is now straddling the woman; almost sitting on top of her,but still inside her. Then go at it... This allows for the friction to make the female orgasmquicker and stronger than regular missionary. And it's a "tighter fit" for the male. So bothparties should be pleasantly fulfilled!

Head Over Heels-- Starting inthe classic missionary position, the woman should place her feet on eachshoulder of the guy and allow him to enter. This is a great position fordeep penetration.

On Your Belly-- Imagine your classic girl on top position andthen reverse it... The woman should lie flat on her stomach as the man straddles her and enters frombehind. This position requires some extra lubrication, yet provides closeness as the woman can contractmuscles in her butt for a better fit for the man.

Missionary-- When we think ofsex, we most often think of this position... This is the way we did it when we did"it" for the first time, and is still the most popular position.Partners are able to maintain a great deal of body contact, remaincomfortable and vary the depth of penetration. The woman should lie onher back with her legs spread and knees raised. The man then lies ontop between her legs and enters her. The woman can then clasp her legstogether behind the man or leave them at his side.

Spread Missionary-- This position is thesame as the Missionary, however the woman spreads her legs as far aspossible, while keeping her knees raised. This is a great stretch for thequadraceps.

Doggy-- This positionprovides wonderful stimulation to the woman's G-spot. The woman shouldbe on all fours with the man standing behind her. He enters herfrom behind and can use her hips to help guide in an up and down motion.This position does not allow for much touching, but is great for morevigorous sex.

Crawl-- This position isvery similar to Doggy, however, the man should kneel behind the woman,rather than stand. This allows for deeper penetration and gives bothpartners the opportunity to thrust against one another. The man canstill use the woman's hips to guide and control the motions.Rear-entry positions are best for those in the mood for a wild romprather than a tender moment.

Futon-- This positionrequires a little experimentation, as you must try out various piecesof furniture to find one that is the right height. The woman should layon the edge of the table and spread her legs wide. The man shouldkneel and enter her. He can use the table for supportif needed. This positions leads itself easily to oral sex, as the womanis raised off the ground and the man can kneel before her. The man is infull control in this position.

Upright-- This position isvery similar to the Futon, yet the man remains standing as he enters thewoman. She should raise her legs and rest either one or both on hisshoulders as she lays back on the table.

Side by Side-- This positionworks best with those similar in stature. The partners should lie side byside facing each other. The woman can wrap one leg around her partnerto allow for deeper penetration and to hold him closer, creating evenmore intimacy. The woman should use her leg to bring her partner closer ashe thrusts. This is often a prelude to rolling into position witheither partner on top.

Split Level-- This position can beadapted many ways, all giving the partners a different view and angleof penetration. The woman should lie on her back and wrap her legsaround her partner's waist while he kneels. The man can let thewoman's legs drop and easily move into the missionary position, or hecan raise them above his shoulders and achieve deep penetration. Theguy is in total control.

Spoons-- This position isgood for slow lovemaking or middle of the night romps. Both partnersshould lie on their sides and the man should enter from behind. Thisposition gets its name from the close fit of two bodies.

Spread Eagle-- This is anexcellent rear-entry position and works best when used after Doggy. Thewoman should lie face down with the man on top of her and spread her legs.He should use his hands to support himself or lie with his full weight onhis partner. The woman should lift her butt slightly to allow deeperpenetration.

Urgent-- So you have theurge for a wild romp? This position is ideal for that sudden burst ofenergy as it requires only a loosening of the clothes. The womanshould lean over the nearest piece of furniture and the man entersfrom behind. In this position, both partners have the opportunity tothrust against each other and have quick, and exciting sex.

Scissors-- The womanshould lie on her side and while the man kneels to the side of her.He should lift her uppermost leg and enter from behind.

Want the position of the week emailed to you? Just sign up for our Sex Position Newsletter and get it just in time for the weekend! : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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