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His First Time      
  sexual healing · first time ·for him

   First off, losing your virginity is a big deal. No matter what anyone tells you, it is. It is somethingthat can only be done once, and thus much be approached with caution and understanding. If you areabout to begin a sexual relationship, make sure that you understand the consequences of your actions and make sure that both you and your partner are willing to take responsibility for what you do. Don't ever let anyone force you into doing something you don't want and please, realize that you can say no. It is your basic right as a human being to say no to something you want no part of. If that's how you feel,than excercise that right.

The first time that any one has sex can be traumatic if it isn't handled correctly. Most peopleare somewhat scared the first time they "do it" and that is understandable. Will I do well? WillI statisfy my partner? Will it hurt? These are all questions that run thru the minds of young virginsand should. But don't let your head get into it to much and worry about these questions, or you will beunable to enjoy what you are about to do:

Now on to the fun stuff... Here are a few tips to help you on your way the first time:
·There is a socially prevalent notion that men make love and women are made love to. This is wrong. Convey to your partner that this is your first time and to bear with you.
·Simulate it in advance. This means go almost all the way; practice thrusting motions while still fully clothed; have your girlfriend give you a hand job or a blow job so you will know what your body acts like when you orgasms.
·Plan it, but don't talk about it being planned, on the actual day that you do it.
·Use plenty of lubricant, we promise it make things 100 times easier.
·Don't worry about being too fast or too slow. The chances of orgasm after whatever culture leads you to believe is the correct amount of time is next to zero.
·Take it slow. Thrusting a big hard penis into her is only gonna hurt; try inserting it slowly and if it hurts back off. If things are going well, slowly pick up the pace. There's no point in getting it over with right away, since it will only hurt later. Yet at the same time there is no reason to draw things out. There is no specific amount of time required to do things right, it's up to every individual.
·Talk to your more experienced friends. They will be able to give you insight and maybe even a few pointers. Discuss with your partner what will happen and what happened after you are done. There should be no secrets here. If you can't trust the person you're sleeping with, then you shouldn't be doing it.
·Be more or less in love. This is something you can't just decide to do, it happens naturally. It can help with the feelings that are associated with sex if you are in love with your partner. Some say you can have sex without feeling, but we promise, doing it with someone you care about makes it millions times better.

Remember this experience should be an extremely special and intimate time for both partners. You are givingthe gift of your virginity to your partner and will never be able to take that back. Make sure that thisperson is the one you want to do this with. Trust us, you may not remember what happened to you yesterday,but you will remember her and your first time for the rest of your life.

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