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The Low Down on STDs      
  sexual healing · std low down

Today, Japan leads the world in condom use. Like cosmetics, they are sold door to door, by women.
Current statistics from the Center for Disease Control, estimate that over 12 million cases of STD's occur annually-that's nearly 23 per minute.
Every twelve minutes in the United States someone is infected with the AIDS virus, and every thirty minutes, there is an AIDS related death.
The most prevalent and fastest-growing STD in the United States is chlamydia, with nearly 5 million cases reported annually.
Among sexually active adults, lesbians have the lowest incidence of STD.
9% of college women and 4% of men have been diagnosed as having an STD.
Each year more than 300,000 American teenagers become afflicted with some form of venereal disease.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 50% of single men age twenty-five, who have been sexually active since their teens, have contracted at least one STD.
The shelf-life for a latex condom is about two years.
Over 60% of all AIDS victims worldwide currently live in Africa.
Cuba is the only nation to require mandatory testing of its citizens for the AIDS virus. Those testing positive are sent to a special quarantine center in Havana to segregate them from the healthy population. All foreigners entering the country are also required to be tested.
In New York City, AIDS is the leading cause of death among women between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four.
There are over 20 known STD's.
Pubic crab lice can survive only 24 hours after leaving the body, although their eggs can survive for 6 days.
Although women infected with the AIDS virus comprise only 10% of the total number of cases, their survival time from diagnosis until death is 1/10 that of white gay AIDS-infected men. On average women survive 15.5 weeks, while men last 156 weeks.
More than 10 percent of all people are currently infected with HIV in some regions of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
Sixteen states do not require schools to provide STD, HIV, and/or AIDS education (AK, AZ, AR, CO, HI, ID, LA, ME, MA, MS, MT, NE, SD, TX, VA, WY).

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