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The Mile High Club      
  sexual healing · trivia ·airplanes

   You know you've always dreamed about joining the Mile High Club, just never been in a positionto actually do it. Well, you'll be able to know. Here's a press release we found from Richard Branson'sVirgin Airlines. Guess they won't be virgin for long!

`Jumbos' to Have `Mile-High' Beds
Press Association

December 15, 2000

Virgin Atlantic will allow passengers to join the Mile-High Club on its new "superjumbos", airline chief Sir Richard Branson says.

The tycoon says he plans to install double beds and cabins for business-class couples on board the Airbus jets, code-named A3XX.

The Virgin Atlantic chairman announced the plan as he signed a 2.6 billion deal to buy six of the aircraft.

Asked if the planned beds were in effect permitting people to have sex on the 555-seat planes, he said: "I think the answer is yes. I have mentioned this before.

"You can do it on cruise ships, you can do it at home, so why shouldn't you be able to have relationships on planes?".

The private cabins would feature plush furnishings, a sofa and washing facilities, according to drawings shown at a press conference in London.

Virgin has an option to buy a further six of the double-decker aircraft, which Sir Richard describes as "a magnificent cruise liner going through the sky".

The deal for the planes was "an historic agreement", said Sir Richard, said: "We are celebrating something special today."

The deal is a boost to Britain's aerospace industry as UK company BAE Systems will build the wings of the planes, which will be delivered in 2006.

Toulouse-based Airbus Industrie, in which BAE Systems has a 20% stake, now has 50 orders and many more options for the A3XX.

Copyright Press Association Ltd 2000, All Rights Reserved.

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