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Unusual Sex Laws       2·3·4·5·6·7 »
  sexual healing · trivia · unusual sex laws

In Tasmania, widows are required to wear their dead husband's penis around their neck for a period of time after his death. A similar law is enforced in Gippsland, Australia.
An ancient law in Indonesia prohibited men from masturbating. The punishment was decapitation.
In Wrokaw, Poland, wives are allowed to beat or kill any woman who is sleeping with their husband. She can either beat the woman to death or just wound her unmercifully. However the only weapon she may use is a club.
In Bhutan a younger brother is not allowed to lose his virginity before his older brother. Furthermore, a younger brother may not marry before his older brother.
In Peru, men are not allowed to have sex with a female alpaca.
In Uruguay, men cannot touch their wives during their menstrual period. If convicted of this crime, a man can be fine and publicly whipped 200 times or more.
In Iran, married men can legally have homosexual sex with their wife's father, brother, or son.
If a husband catches his wife in bed with another man in Uruguay, he is given several options on how to handle the situation under the law. One option is to kill the wife and her lover, no questions asked. The other option is to castrate the man with a knife and then slice off the nose from his wife.
In Yemen, prostitution is illegal. Women convicted are publicly beheaded.
Rapists in Nambia can choose either castration or 20 years of hard labor.
Several Middle Eastern Islamic countries have laws stating that it is illegal to eat meat from a sheep you have had sex with.
In Suriname, a widow must first have sex with a member of her deceased husband's family before she can remarry.
Men were taxed as a punishment for having sex with animals in Ancient Rome.
In Communist China, anyone caught distributing pornography is sentenced to death.
In Florida, having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.
Some information from Sex Lover's Book of Lists by Ron Luis and David Copeland.
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