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Sizzlin' Summer Sex      
  summer lovin' · sizzlin'

   Feeling the urge to let loose now that the thermometer is rising? Well there are 50 things to help get you in the mood…you have 3 months until fall, make 'em lava hot!
  1. Bringing home the bartender, just because you can.
  2. Eating watermelon… with your hands.
  3. Half day on Fridays.
  4. Sitting at an outdoor patio bar.
  5. Seeing the sunrise because you're still out partying.
  6. The roaring ocean.
  7. Disposable cameras.
  8. Summer movies.
  9. The weather is warm enough to go commando.
  10. Roller coasters.
  11. The smell of suntan lotion.
  12. Shirtless men with six pack abs and rock hard buns.
  13. Wearing less clothing.
  14. Air conditioning.
  15. Kabobs, drumsticks and anything else grilled and bar-b-q.
  16. Playing Frisbee.
  17. Taking long, lazy weekends.
  18. Hopping on a boat.
  19. Sipping fresh fruit cocktails.
  20. Skinny dipping.
  21. Fresh flowers sitting on the windowsill.
  22. Overnight bags.
  23. Floating in the pool.
  24. Crisp, cool cotton sheets.
  25. Relaxing in a hammock under the sun half awake, half a sleep.
  26. Tan lines.
  27. Summer lovin'.
  28. Ice cream.
  29. Daring bikini waxes.
  30. Sleeping under the stars.
  31. Flings with locals without anyone going loco.
  32. Jumping into an ice-cold pool, then warming up in a hot towel.
  33. Lifeguards.
  34. Playing barefoot on the grass.
  35. Discovering the Kama Sutra.
  36. Mastering the Kama Sutra.
  37. Golden brown tans.
  38. Any kind of dancing.
  39. Nude beaches.
  40. More freckles.
  41. Popsicles.
  42. Watching the sunset with a bottle of wine and a hottie.
  43. Relaxing.
  44. Wearing sunglasses at night.
  45. Roasting marshmallows by the fire.
  46. Water sports.
  47. Sleeping naked.
  48. Anything shorter, lighter or sexier.
  49. Convertibles.
  50. New episodes of S.A.T.C.
  51. Outdoor showers. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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