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Spark the Spirit      
  holiday · spark

   Are you in the mood? The holiday mood that is! What did you think we meant? Regardless,we've got the stuff to make this holiday season special and one that you and your hottie won't soonforget. So get ready to spark holiday spirit up into full gear...

·Play Strip Spin-The-Dreidel
Make it last by wearing lots of layers and teasing your mate.
·Sexy Silent Night
Blow off you crazy schedules for a night alone at home. Order in, lounge around and give each other some early "gifts." If you get a little louder than expected, just tell the neighbors you were testing the acoustics for carolers.
·Nice v. Naughty
Get a T-shirt that says "Nice," give your mate one that says "Naughty," and see what happens...
·It's Hanukkah
Drive your mate crazy with this ambiguous saying, "It's Hannukah, wanna kuh?"
·Get Stuck Together
When wrapping holiday presents with your mate, accidentally tape your hand to their inner thigh... palm down.
·Lighten Up
String some red holiday lights across your headboard and create your very own red light district.
·Hang Your Stocking
Change things up a little this year and hang a lacy black thigh high on the mantle instead of the usual.
·Santa's Little Angels
Rent a pair of Christmas Angel wings from the local costume shop and take pictures wearing nothing but. Call yourself "Lickarus" and take pictures to stuff in your mate's stocking.
·Finger Foods
Melt chocolate Santas into gooey fondue and serve with graham crackers. Works great as edible body paint, too!
·Lick It Up
Freeze eggnog into Holiday Popsicles and then tease your mate as you compete in a licking contest.
·Dirty Carols
When carolling with your mate, quietly slip in "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-latio," and wait for his response. If you get caught, respond with "Well, I totally blew those lyrics!"
·Jingle Bells
For your next party, sew a jingle bell onto you panties and let your mate figure out where it's coming from.
·An Extra Christmas Gift
When your mate finds a hair on the soap that just doesn't match, tell him Santa left it behind.
·Everything's Pine
Burn a pine scented candle the next few times you get it on. Then every time you walk by a Christmas tree, you'll be filled with visions of nookie.
·Pass Notes
At your next holiday party, pass your mate notes as you casually walk by. One idea, "You are cordially invited to roast your chestnuts by my open fire tonight."
·The Nutcracker
It's your new sex position. Well, we were just kidding about that one!

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