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Is there "The One" for teens?
From the 16 year old Male Point of View

By Rick Villarreal

   You know, as a member of the male gender (cursed as I am) I can't help but wonder if there is a "special someone" out there for me. When I happen to be driving about on a long trip and glancing at the stars, is there someone else staring at them also? I've spent countless hours thinking about it.

Boys, girls, men, women, no matter what we want to be called, deep down inside we all wonder about "The One," there's no denying it. Now I can't force you to do what I say or what I think when it comes to dating, but I think I have come up with something that, isn't a "solution" but its something we can all cope with.

The first date, your looking at that person across the dinner table (or Burger King table) and you can't help but think, "Is this the one?" Its happened to all of us, maybe not the first date, but at one point we define "the one." The one- (tha-wan)-The person your going to spend the rest of your life with, soul mate, ball and chain, future, husband/wife, the great catch, the perfect wave etc. We have all thought about it. Some of us dismiss the idea as nothing, but others take it to heart. And really, truly look inside each person they date, and themselves to see if they are the one.

To those of you who just shrug off THE ONE idea, be wary folks. You could let it slip by you. Think about it, your 75 years old and your getting up alone and going to play croquet alone. Not a pretty picture right? In fact that situation almost seems downright sad, depressing even. But yeah, it could happen.

And you lucky optimists, the ones who believe the one is out there, and she could potentially be that blind date your best friend set you up on. You need to watch where and when you fall. Not everyone is THE ONE you know. Imagine this: you're 75 years old with 4 grown children and you realize one morning when you wake up, "God, I absolutely HATE John/Jane next to me." You just wasted 50 + years of your life, and only stayed together because of your children, and why? Cause you thought John/Jane at the party looked good and could be the one. Not a pretty picture right? It's a hard knock life kiddos.

And now the system: when you go out on a date, be optimistic about whom you're out with. But be realistic. If they guy/girl burps out loud and slaps his thigh and says, "Thank YA JESUS!" they might not be THE ONE, unless your into that kind of thing. Basically, live your lives guys, we are teenagers, and believe it or not, we DO have our whole lives ahead of us. So date with caution, but be optimistic, and NEVER, I repeat NEVER, decide on the first date...Wait until the second one for crying out loud. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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