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Blood Alcohol Content       1 · 2 · 3 »
  drinking fun · blood alcohol content

   Blood. Alcohol. Content. Three little words that can make a grown man cry on the side of the highway. Your BAC is the standard test of just how drunk you are, sparky... so listen up. You'd better believe that friendly Mr. Policeman is ready to pounce on your sloppy drunk ass at any moment, so knowing your BAC can be vital.

   The basic cause of Blood Alcohol Content is, you guessed it, the Drink. In legal-land, a drink equates to .54 oz. of alcohol, which is about 1 (12 oz.) beer, 1 mixed drink or shot, or 1 (5 oz.) glass of wine.

figure 1: BAC for dummies (this means you)

   Note Figure 1, the basic BAC calculator based on a 170 lb. man and a 135 lb. woman. You can see that as drinks are consumed, BAC increases. Note also that BAC increases faster for women... this is the case even if weight is held constant. The heavier you are, the slower your BAC rises... it takes awhile longer to get the alchohol through all that mass. So adjust these numbers to reflect your actual weight.

   Luckily, your body gets busy burning up that alcohol as soon as you drink it... thank you, liver! On average, your body metabolizes (eliminates) about 1 drink per hour. So if you have 1 drink every hour, your BAC will remain essentially at 0.

More than, say, two drinks in an hour is enough to sendyour libido packing. In one study, researchers found that men who had a blood alcohol level of .06took significantly longer to ejaculate. Many men whose level was .09- nearly the level of impairmentin many states- were unable to ejaculate at all.

· Factors that affect BAC
· Effects on your body : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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