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Why Don't You?      
  date planning · why?

Looking to add a little spark to your love life? You guys always have great dates, but it's the little stuff that you are after? Well, you've come to the right place to add a little romance back in! Why don't you...
...Boycott the bed. Make the mattress off-limits and you'll spice things up so fast you won't know what happened. Get down and dirty anywhere and everywhere else: the kitchen, the tub, the coat clost... possibilites are endless.
...Send a secret code. Covert dirty talk will get a rise out of him. Try some of the emoticons ( ;-) or :-) or :-X ) or join the new trend of booty texting.
...Give a lucky charm. It's not like you can put a tracking device on your mate so give them a little something, possibly to hang from the key chain, then they'll be constantly reminded of you... without looking over their shoulder!
...Ask questions. You've got to keep them on their feet. Toss your cutie an offbeat question such as "What were the happiest five minutes of your life?" or "Who's your favorite Flintstone's vitamin?" It will get both of you to open up and renew the lines of communication.
...Give good phone. Deepen the pitch of your voice, add a little breathiness and speak slowly. Say things that will get you both pysched for later without being pornorgraphic.
...Leave your calling card. And we don't mean the paper type. "Misplace" a lacy bra or thong at his pad that he's sure to stumble across when you're not around. He'll be thinking of you all day!
...Subtly seduce them. Subtle seduction is so much more effective because it leaves things to the imagination. Use body language to convey what you want and watch them build with desire.
...Scope out love styles. Get your palms read and see where your love life is headed. Quick study: pointy fingertips show idealism, wild romance, and commitment; square fingertips show a sense of practicality, confidence, and fairly tradition views about romance.

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