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   Advice... we could all use some now and then, especially when it comes to dating. "Should I wear this?" or "Should I take her there?" Questions we hear all the time, but then again we are the experts and it's our job to answer those questions! So, here is our advice for all your dating woes. Some may find it funny, some may find it true, you choose...

Advice from Tommy
If someone is cheating, this guy will know. Check out relationship advice from the host of the TV show "Cheaters"
Dr. Drew
MTV Loveline's very own Dr. Drew has come to DatingFun! See what he has to say about some of today's problems...
Dating Doctor
He's got the answers to all your problems; well not all, just the ones about dating!
In's Out's & Five Minutes Ago
DatingFun's hippest dating advice...
Dating Debate
A little confused about dating? That's why we're here...
It's the Little Things
Tokens of affection for any relationship...
'Tis the Season
Relationship advice for every season...
Dating Humor
Leave it up to us to find the wacky stuff when it comes to dating... explore at your own risk!
Life's Lessons
party girl pointers · starting over · how to stay connected · and more...
Question of the Week
Spice up your relationship a little... Use these questions to probe the mind of your mate...
Dating Articles
We answer your questions and dish a little advice of our own... : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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