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  All you need is a cup at least big enough to hold a whole beer, and a deck of cards. The way to play is: first you take only the 9's, 10's, and face cards (Including the ace's). Then you place the empty cup in the middle of a table and place the cards listed earlier around the cup face down. Any one can start and then the the person on the left of them is next and so on. Whoever starts picks any card and turns it over. The assignment of every card is in this order:

9-Rhyme: (Whoever drew the card says a word and you go clockwise around the table rhyming that word. The first person that can't think of a word that rhymes takes a drink. And the person to the right of who drew the 9 now draws a card)

10-Category: (The person that drew the 10 says a category off the top of his head (Like Pants, Beer, etc.) Then the next person has to think of something in that category. For example if the category is beer then you'd say coors or budweiser. And you keep going around the table until someone can't think of something. Then they take a drink.

J: The person to the left of whoever drew the Jack has to take a drink.

Q: The person to right has to take a drink.

K: The person who drew the king pours as much or as little as they want into the cup.

A-Social: every one drinks.

2-Rule: This one is optional. you can put a 2 in the mix of cards and whoever draws the 2 makes a rule. The rule can be anything. A popular one is no one can say "drink, drank, or drunk" If somebody breaks the rule they have to take a drink.

There are no winners in this game. Only one loser. Whoever draws the fourth King Has to Drink the whole cup quickly, And the game is over after the last king is drawn.

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