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Classic Date Movies      
  dating guides · movies

 Dirty Dancing (1987) PG-13
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the cast:· Patrick Swayze
· Jennifer Grey
the plot:   Pre-nose-job Jennifer Grey on vacation falls in love with the sinewy Swayze, the sexy neighborhood dance instructor. Over the course of the summer, she learns about love, life, and growing up. Oh, and how to "dirty dance," in a very non-dirty way. Everything cumulates in the big dance competition (duh), and everything turns out OK in the end.

we say:   This is one of those 'chick movies' that almost defines the term. Girls all over the world fell in love with this movie, so don't you dare bad-mouth it... you'll get yer ass slapped. Luckily, though silly, this movie is pretty easy to take. Lots of psuedo-dirty dancing, some social commentary, and a young Patrick Swayze looking all ripped up. Sappy, romantic, silly... hey, this WAS the 80's (even though it's set in the 60's). We're still not sure what the big deal was with Grey and her 'look at me, I'm superman' move... apparently this was the pinnacle of modern dance at that time.

warnings:   Chick movie with a capital CHICK. One of those flicks that girls cannot help but love... especially girls that grew up in the 80's. In it's time, it was a phenomenon. Now, it's pretty silly... but not bad fun.

date rating:8.5 (out of 10)


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Year: : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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