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Are You a Ladies Man or a One-Lady Man?      
  mingle mania · quizzes · ladies man

To take this quiz, answer all the questions below by checking the radio button next to your answer, then click the 'submit' button at the bottom. Your 'Type' will then be revealed!
1) How many people have you slept with in the past 6 months?
1. I'm in a relationship.

2-4. I've had a couple flings along the way.

5-7. One a month ain't too bad.

More notches than my bed post allows!
2) Your ideal date is:
A night at home on the couch with your sweetie.

Dinner with Tanya at 7. Drinks with Peggy at 10.

A gourmet meal, great bottle of wine and good conversation.
3) Within 15 minutes of walking into the bar:
You've made it to the bar and back and you're hanging with your posse.

You've got a hottie on each arm, duh!

You're still standing at the bar.

Your girlfriend is at the bar grabbing drinks for both of you.
4) The boys have planned a wild weekend in Vegas. You tell your girlfriend:
Nothing. It's not cheating when you're over 50 miles away!

You're not going. Who needs a boy trip? College is over.

"Of course you can trust me!" and she can...

"Of course you can trust me!" and she can't...
5) You're about to go on date #3, that means:
You're getting a piece tonight or sayonara baby!

3rd date, same girl? Things are moving a bit fast here.

A definite kiss is in order tonight.

Nothing. No intimacy until date #5.
6) Your favorite beverage is:
Keg Beer

Red Wine


Dirty Martini, straight up
7) You talk to your family:



The least amount possible.
8) Which magazines are on your coffee table?
Maxim- The manual of all cool guys.

Playboy- The magazine for when it's manual.

Pottery Barn- Where do you think the coffee table came from?

All three. Hey, Playboy has some great articles.
9) In your car, you have:
The bag from last weekend's McDonald's.

Black leather seats, huge speakers and a kickin' system.

Nothing. It's spotless inside and out.

A Genesis tape.
10)Dating to me means:
It's something to pass the time.

A means to an end--how else will I find Ms. Right?

A game.

A full time job.
Make sure you've answered all the questions, then click 'Submit'. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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