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  date planning · date ideas

Rent a hotel room for the evening
You have two options here. For pure fun and the thrill of doing something naughty, rent a room that is available by the hour, has a coin-operated bed, and or a hot tub in the room. You'll enjoy the sleaze factor immensely. You can also rent a room at the new posh hotel downtown. This will set you back a little bit but there is nothing like sipping champagne, dressed in nothing but a comfy robe to get the romance flowing. Hang out, watch movies, order room service and spend the whole day in bed. Get yourself the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit and you'll be set!
Get really good tickets to a sporting event
Splurge and get those second row seats. Do it early enough and they won't demand your first born as repayment. Seriously though, plan ahead and you should be able to get good seats for not too much money. This is the perfect activity for two avid sports fans. Remember, the nosebleed section is okay if you are with your buddies, but the point here is to be remembered. Nothing says "I think you're cool" like seats on the 50-yard line.
Look at Christmas lights together
Make yourself a warm drink (peppermint schnapps and hot cocoa comes to mind) and jump on a horse drawn carriage through the prettiest area in your town. Many towns have a Christmas light parade, so tag along and don't forget to keep your date warm. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, the lights are pretty so you should go check them out.
Plan a picnic in the park
Grab a good bottle of wine and have lunch in the park. You can make it as fancy as you want (sandwiches or a fully catered meal) just don't forget a blanket and a small bottle of bug spray.
Seek out a local art opening and schmooze
Look in the weekend guide for local art openings. Go explore and learn about the artist and his work. You never know when you may come upon something you really like and want to add it to your collection. Plus, art openings are free and usually offer hors d'oeuvres and wine, so it's a good place to start the night out.
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10 Sexy Date Ideas
1. Make love in a public place

2. Go sex toy shopping

3. Take a bubble bath together

4. Go skinny dipping

5. Watch a sunrise

6. Order in food, take turns feeding each other.

7. Ride through the park in a horse drawn carriage.

8. Take turns giving each other massages.

9. Rent a tastefully erotic movie.

10. Play a board game for lovers.

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