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Sex With Animals       2 »
  sexual healing · trivia · sex with animals

The female bedbug has no vagina, so the male must rip open her stomach with his penis to deposit his sperm into her.
Except among some higher primates, humans are the only mammals who engage in face-to-face sex.
Dolphins and humans are the only known animals that have sex for pleasure.
Most oysters are ambisexual. They begin life as males, then become females, and then change back and forth many times.
Kingsville, Texas forbids pigs from having sex on Kingsville airport property.
During the 1600's in Massachusetts, a teenage boy was executed for confessing to having had sex with two horses, two cows, and four sheep.
During heat, the female chimpanzee will seek sex out up to 20 times a day.
Lebanese men may only have sex with female animals. Sex with a male animal is punishable by death.
The average gorilla weighing 200 pounds, has a penis that is two inches long.
Average sexual intercourse between minks lasts eight hours.
Bulls do not have much of a sex life. They copulate in one thrust; the entire act lasts less than 20 seconds.
Humpback whales have penises 10 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. They emit the most amount of seminal discharge of any mammal. They only mate once a year.
Male deer masturbate by rubbing their antlers against tree trunks or on the ground. This produces both an erection and ejaculation.
Lions like to get down. One study showed a lion "doing it" 86 times in one day!
Erect giraffe penises are four feet long.
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