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The Modern Story of Cupid      
  valentines day · cupid

Everybody knows who Cupid is right? The cute, little cherub that goes around shooting all with his arrows an causing people to fall in love...Well, that was the story of ages ago, it's the new millenium and therefore it's time for the story of Cupid to be updated a little!

It was a bright, sunny day and the smell of summer was in the air. Classes were about to let out and everyone was planning their internships and summer vacations; it was going to be a great time for everyone but one boy, Cupid Valentino. Cupid's father owned the largest financial center in the country and Cupid was expected to put long hours in and learn the family business. Mr. Valentino was in the process of taking over several small companies and needed his son's help.

Now, Cupid Valentino was a heartthrob. Standing 6'5, Cupid had eyes as blue as the sky and blond hair the color of wheat field. He was the Big Man on Campus; president of his fraternity, a member of numerous clubs across campus and captain of the archery team. He could hit the bullseye with his eyes shut. Cupid Valentino was the guy that every girl wanted to marry and everyone other guy wanted to be. With greatness however, comes a price. Cupid's parents were the kind of people that had their son's life planned out before he was even born. His father would demand he hold only the best job, and his mother, Venus, would allow only the most beautiful girls to date her son, with one exception...Venus Valentino was an extremely jealous woman and would never allow someone more beautiful then her to be in her presence.

So, the summer began and Cupid started work at Valentino Finance. He put in long hours and his social life was reduced to a relationship between him and his computer. Early one morning, however, Mr. Valentino entered Cupid's office and told him that Cupid was to have a date with Miss Psyche Aphrodite that evening. She was the daughter of a prominent businessman with whom the company was in negotiations. Mr. Valentino figured that if his son and Psyche were able to start dating, he would have a leg in the door with her father.
With hesitation, Cupid told his father that he would take Psyche out and entertain her for the evening. He quickly returned to work and began surfing for ideas and suggestions for their date. From what he had heard, Psyche was a hottie and he wanted to make a good impression, even if his father did set it up. With little effort, he found a nice restaurant in his neighborhood and even read up on how to order a bottle of wine. Little did he know how madly in love he would fall for the girl.

Cupid arrived at Psyche's house at precisely 7pm. He rang the door and the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen answered the door. Her eyes were the color of emeralds and her complexion that of a goddess. He presented her with a bouquet of flowers and explained how he had looked to find the flowers that would most fit the occasion. With that, the two departed for a picnic in the park. Cupid was a complete charmer.

So where's the drama you ask? Well, many days passed and as you can imagine young Cupid and Psyche fell in love and were to be married. But, you remember, Venus Valentino was a jealous and ruthless woman-- she put her own happiness before anyone that of anyone else, and in this case, her son's. Cupid brought his beautiful fiancÚ over to celebrate Christmas with his parents when everything went wrong. When the young and beautiful Psyche arrived, Venus became overwhelmed by Psyche's beauty. In an envious fury, she carried on telling her son that he could no longer date Psyche and she was banished from the Valentino home. Cupid was confused and torn between the woman he loved and his mother, but he obeyed his mothers wish and he and Psyche left. This would not be easy. He once again turned to his only friend,, and searched for answers to his problems. He realized that his relationship was on the right track, yet he did not know how to handle his mother. He was in love with Psyche, yet no man had ever disobeyed his mother's command. He could not listen to his heart and was forced to leave Psyche.

Christmas Break ended and Cupid went back to school. No matter how hard he applied himself he just couldn't get Psyche out of his mind. She was his true love and could never be replaced. Cupid turned away from his family and refused to be associated with them; his own mother had ruined young Cupid's chance at love.

The days went by and Cupid still pined for Psyche. It was a gray morning the day of Valentines Day. Cupid awoke and realized there was nothing to celebrate, there was no point to the day even existing... All of a sudden the doorbell rang. He threw some clothes on and ran to the door. With one glance, he shut the door just as quickly as he could.

"Cupid, son, open your door," his mother said.

"I have nothing to say to you. You ruined my life."

"You will have something to say to us."

"Us?" he questioned as he slowly opened the door. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he really saw what was before him. "But, I don't understand!" Before him stood Psyche with his mother.

"You have proved to me that Psyche is the love of your life. I cannot deny you that." With that, Venus walked away, leaving the two lovebirds together.

"But how? What? I don't understand!"

"Cupid, darling, it will be okay. We are together now. We can be married now."

With that, the modern day love story of Cupid and his bride Psyche comes to end. The moral? Don't let anyone come between you and your true love, and always turn to for advice on any love problem! : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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